4 months

Lucas has a fever 😦

He had his 4 month appt yesterday and got his shots. The info sheet they gave us said 1 an 4 babies will get a mild temp after the shot.  When we saw Gramma last week and she pointed out how his spitting up is prob acid reflux so we talked to the doc about it and he said to start adding rice cereal to the formula to help keep it down.  We’re also going to start putting him to bed unswaddled and we got a cream for his eczema.  He is now 26inches long (80th %ile), 15 lbs 5.6 oz (65th%) and his noggin is 17″ to house his huge brain (actually they didnt say what %ile that is but it was in the normal range).

Update: I took his temp and it’s 100.1 so it’s up from his 98.6 but below the call the doctor range, esp since he’s still eating and acting normal.


2 thoughts on “4 months

  1. Oh no! Is he all better now? What percentile stuff is average? (All those numbers don’t mean anything to me because i don’t know what normal is)

  2. Yah he was better by that afternoon. The percentiles mean that 80% of babies his age are shorter than him, 20% are longer (so he is taller than the median of 50%. 65% weight less than him and 35% weigh more, so that is about in the middle.

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