new developments

today lucas rolled over for the first time! we’ve been trying to give him more tummy time so he can learn to roll over. tonight while paul was getting his bath ready, he put Lucas on the playmat and he rolled himself over. paul came and got me and we put him on his belly again and he did it again! go baby!

friday i put him in the baby einstein and turned him facing the light-up piana side. it was sooo neat visibly seeing him learn something new. he realized when he accidentally hit the blue piano key that it played music and made lights flash, so he started punching at the blue key to make it do it again.

i measured him at (rounding up) 24 inches at around 3 months old. he definitely had a growth spurt then, cause 3 weeks later i measured him again and he is 26.5 inches! at 3 months he weighed 14 lbs. ill find out at his sept 4 month old appt how much he weighs now.


3 thoughts on “new developments

  1. So after seeing Lucas yesterday i kept thinking how tiring it would be to carry a baby around all the time. How babies weigh more than my cat and how difficult it would be to carry my cat around 24/7. Do you magically get arm muscles during pregnancy??

    And by the way Ally, it is NOT nice to laugh at poor little Lucas when he’s upset. It made him very very red!!

  2. i cant help it. he makes the funniest sounds and his face gets all squishy and his lower lip pokes out and its just funny!

    i dont carry him that often. just if im taking him somewhere. but no u dont magically get muscles. when he was first born i wouldnt carry himup the stairs cuz it made my back hurt.

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