Lucas is now 2 months Old :D

yay baby, happy birthday

he now weighs 13 lbs (officially bigger than my cats now) and is 23.5 inches long

we got him a new kickin coaster bouncer that he seems to like. it has a spring board that when he kicks his legs it glides the seat back and forth. hes still slightly young for it but he figured it out and kicked up a storm for a bit there today.

last night he slept *ten hours*. i got worried about him and kept checking on him cause the longest hed slept previously was 6.75 hours so when he went to sleep at about ten pm and slept straight until 8am i thought something was wrong. *fingers crossed that it keeps up*

tomorrow we head out on our epic journey…off to tennessee with an infant to see great grandma, yay!


new pix up in the gallery


3 thoughts on “Lucas is now 2 months Old :D

  1. It is tough to be in the pictures when she is always taking them.

    She doesn’t let me touch her precious camera as I don’t know how to use technology.

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