Last night Lucas had his first real bath (as in he was in a tub full of water instead of the sponge baths you give newborns). He actually seemed to be enjoying it until we got his head wet to wash his hair. If the computer will stay on long enough today ill post some pix.

this morning he said his first word…in baby language. he said “meh” which in English means: whatever, blah, boring, F that shit. definitely takes after his father. actually it was probably just a random sound to accidentally fall out of his mouth and has nothing to do with any advanced developmental genius.


2 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. Awww poor Lucas. How’s he doing with the whole sleeping and crying thing? And knowing his dad it makes total sense that “meh” would be his first word. Pics please!

  2. He IS developmentally advanced for his age. No doubt will be a genius. Note who his mom and dad are.

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