(Not) Sleeping, edition 2

2 weeks later…thought id record another night’s sleep schedule for comparison

2:30am we went up to bed

2:30-3am i sat up pumping (lucas was asleep when we carried him up)

3-3:30am change diaper, fed bottle 3.0 oz

3:30-4am trying to get him settled and asleep with pacifier and swaddling … hes off and on fussy and not sleeping

4am fed him a 1 oz bottle of formula, but he’s still upset

4:15 am – 5am i get him to fall asleep on my chest while im propped up on pillows, we doze

5am – 6:30 am im able to move him to the crib w/o disturbing him and i can lay down and sleep. he woke up at 6am briefly but went back to sleep

6:30am – 7am woke up, diaper change, bottle 2.0 + 2.0 formula

7am-8am slept propped up in bed again

8am tried to move him to the crib but it disturbed him too much so Paul took him and i went to bed

8:15 am – 12:45 pm i slept

so it was about 3 nonconsecutive hrs sleep and 4.5 solid hours of sleep


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