ive become a mental alcoholic

so i never thought much about alcoholic beverages in the past. i didnt often order them at restaurants cause they are so expensive. i would drink at a party and enjoyed it, but wasn’t one of those frequent drinkers.
now that i *cant* have them, i notice them all the time. i like to look at the drink menus at restaurants and see what new mixed drinks they’ve come up with. ruby tuesdays now has sangria which i love and ocharleys has some cotton candy martini.
i have this mental list of all the places im going drinking after may which is cracking me up since i never used to pay any attention to them until i couldnt. and i want them whenever i see them advertised.


3 thoughts on “ive become a mental alcoholic

  1. I hate you. Now i REALLY want peach sangria! I should trick you into going to Olive Garden so i can drink it in front of you >:)

  2. You’d eat the breadsticks there. You know all you need would be the bread, dipped in fettuccine sauce.

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