ahh im getting so stressed out. i feel like im running out of time. this week alone ive been dealing with girl scouts (a field trip to atlanta, leader’s meeting, cookie sales), selling cars, buying a new car, buying a stroller, buying furniture, paul’s eye surgery, doctors, the usual life tasks/errands/chores, and homework. i feel like crap all the time and dealing with all this stuff is enough to worry about on its own without throwing in the fact that im off the SSRIs so everything is making me anxious.

girl scouts is so much more work than i had originally anticipated which in itself is usually fine, but when youre feeling overwhelmed, it’s a major stresser. planning meetings, planning field trips, coordinating said meetings and field trips, leaders meetings, finances, driving to atlanta, getting project materials together, registration, cookie sales (thank gods lisa was cookie mom!), etc.

i still have so much baby stuff to do. i dont have a stroller or any furniture yet…or even picked out. i really need to get over to babies r us to find them.

i need to get one car ready for sale and find and buy a new one. this is my first time actually picking out a car and it took research, thought, discussion and i still havent even been to the lot. not to mention a husband that wont help with any of it.

ive been so bad about homework this “semester”. i have my test coming up soon and am less than half way thru the course. i need to get all the rest of the chapters read by the end of march so im constantly worrying about getting all my homework done. how am i supposed to take a test when i cant remember anything ever?

i feel crappy all the time. i just want to stay in bed and have the world go away. only being in bed is uncomfortable, too. so even that isnt much fun anymore.

only seven weeks left…..


3 thoughts on “stressed

  1. Ok lots of questions on this one…
    1) I know originally you were gonna do GS again next year….but w/ a new baby and stuff, is that still the plan?
    2)You say you don’t have stroller/furniture picked out but they’re on your registry…confused? Do you prefer people by the specific items off your registry or do a gift card ‘cuz you really need the furniture?
    3)Aren’t you selling the Mustang? And if that’s correct then why isn’t Paul interested in picking out a car? What did you ever narrow it down to?
    4)I thought the gem classes were go-at-your-own-pace….do you have to take the test on a certain day?
    5)Lastly…how soon after Lucas is born can you go back on Zoloft? (i could look this up in 2 seconds but i’m too lazy)
    6)Oh…seriously lastly…did you ever talk to the Dr about the public cord bank thing?

  2. 1. yeah i want to still do GS, but at this point i dont have a co-leader, so im not sure what to do about that.
    2. i didnt. i told paul about being stressed and yesterday we went to BRU and found a stroller, crib etc to knock that off my to do list so i went ahead and added them to the registry. i dont care which people get. whatever i dont get as presents ill be going back to purchase myself so if im going back for a crib or 50 bottles doesnt really matter. in the end it all gets purchased.
    3. yes we are selling the mustang and the motorcycle but the mustang hasta go to the shop first and i cant get paul to take it in and i cant drive it myself. i thought we had narrowed it down to probably a BMW sedan until when we looked at strollers yesterday paul changed his mind and said maybe we need an SUV. so basically we are still at 0 on the car thing.
    4. they are go at your own pace but there is a time limit it has to be done by or it expires and you hafta repurchase the class — $1500. so yes i have to take the test by a certain day – in may…so i need to get it done pre-Lucas.
    5. it depends on if im able to breastfeed. so i dont really know. i wish id nevre gone off it.
    7. he gave me a website to visit but i havent looked at it yet. i forgot. so many things going on in my mind stuff keeps slipping out.

  3. I’d just go out and buy a car in an afternoon as I’m not too OCD about things.

    And I’ve just changed my mind again about the car. I’m pretty sure a Dodge Challenger is what we need to get.

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