Pregnancy Sux Because…

(in no particular order)

1. throwing up…all the time, everything you eat

2. heart burn

3. stress incontinence

4. bladder punches

5. cramps

6. leakage

7. stretch marks

8. can’t climb stairs w/o getting winded

9. leg cramps that keep you up at night

10. back ache

11. can’t roll over in bed

12. painful kicks

13. lungs squished/ can’t lie flat on your back

14. acne

15. frequent doctor appointments

16. getting your blood drawn all the time

17. the diabetes test

18. not having any clothes that fit

19. can’t pick up stuff off the ground

20. memory loss

21. no cold medicine

22. no motrin for muscle aches

23. loss of my zoloft has made me crazy

24. no alcohol

25. maternity bras

26. not being able to do activities/sports

27. always hungry

28. hurts to sneeze/abdominal muscles

29. gassy

30. always achey and tired

31. can’t walk fast

32. no energy to do stuff (chores)

33. baby classes

34. reading boring baby books about all the horrible things that happen to you in pregnancy


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