My Daily Day

lauren you asked what i do all the time? well today i shall chronolog my activities (if i can remember to)

11am – woke up, fed cats, got cereal

11-11:50 checked email, read baby boards, chatted with steph

11:50-5:30 read

5:30-5:40 talk to mom

5:40-5:50 shower/get ready

5:50 – 6:20 read

6:30 – 9:00 girl scouts

9:00 – 3am read


4 thoughts on “My Daily Day

  1. You read for almost 6 hours straight?!
    1) How can you POSSIBLY have that much to read on an almost-daily basis (not to mention the other reading times during your schedule) and
    2) How can you read that long w/out a break or a change of pace??

  2. If you really read that much every day i guess that explains why i couldn’t understand what you do all the time since you’re never online/phone/tv. Reading is fun and all, but doesn’t it get boring doing the same thing day after day?

  3. yah i typically read for 6+ hours straight. aside for food no i dont really take “breaks” unless something from the outside world disturbs me and i am interrupted, usually making me moderately grumpy.

    as for having enough to read, a lot of what i’ve been reading lately is re-reading old stuff. however that’s cause i’m bad about starting new authors and i actually have an entire book shelf of new, unread books that i could move to.

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