ive been bad and havent updated the kitten diary in awhile. on day 7 ashton had both eyes open and so did piper, and ashton had lost his cord. so by then all the kittens had open eyes and no cords. they had their eyes opened earlier than the websites said they would be, so i guess my babies are very advanced…geniuses perhaps 😛

according to my development calendar, their ear canals are opening around now altho i cant tell if they have or havent. i let sunshine out of the room this morning while i took pic of the kittens, and chloe and poptart crawled right over to me. on sunday (day 8 ) i noticed that chloe was purring when she was feeding. so cute!

theyre starting to look more kitten like and less mouse-like. they also are a bit more active and crawl around a bit more when im in the room (altho every time i first walk in theyre all asleep). ive noticed some of them trying to sit up and they can sortof sit up and support themselves with their front legs.

the kittens were being so cute this morning, i took a ton of pix. but once i got them on the computer they were all so close up and i dunno the kittens just look really odd in them. im going to post some of them up to my kitten pix in the gallery.


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