My Life


Well I survuved the surgery. it was a lot more painful/bigger deal than i was expecting going in, but im over it now and it has made a world of difference. i really really regret not getting it done years ago.

 On wed. i started a cake decorating class with steph and my mom. it was stephs idea and i thought it sounded cool so i joined, too. it was pretty fun and i cant wait to get into the actual decorating parts next week.

then thurs i started puppy classes for abby. mom and i are taking them together at petsmart. its so funny to have big ol jumpy abby i have to put effort into controlling and holding still, while little Soucci just lays in mom’s lap the whole time.

Today im going to the drivers license place to see about getting my name changed. im really excited about it 😀


6 thoughts on “My Life

  1. Are you now Ally Princess Conseualla Bannanahammock Beechner now? Cuz that would just be cool. Paul should change his name to Ass Hat Beechner. That would be even cooler. But in all seriousness….what the hell is your middle name now??

  2. Myspace is down and i’m bored. Are you gonna call the picture people tomorrow? You should blog more often. You always have cool stories. Like, you could have blogged about the shawna thing. I really hope i get this house. Ok i think that’s it for random thoughts tonight.

    P.S. Would you be interested in coming to trivia sometime? They have it at all different restaurants on different days. You don’t have to actually play, you can just eat and talk w/ us. And by us I mean i have no idea who. Me and Kristie for starters, i just formulated this plan a second ago. I went the other night and I was the only girl amongst 6 guys. It made me nostalgic for the cruise. Would Paul come? If Jake and Paul came they could drink together. And we could get Matt and Amanda and Rene and whoever else to come. Whatcha think?

  3. i wouldnt play most likely but i would go. i went one time with kent and co. and they were playing and one of the questions came up was “what is buffy’s last name?” and i helped them out a lil on that one 😉 yeah if its people like what you said id go, if its like jake and all his friends then i probably wouldnt go. i have no idea if paul would go.

    still no word on the pix.

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