nervous yet?

people keep asking if im nervouse yet. it hit tonight. a full blown anxiety attack when i tried to go to bed at 1am ( i will point out that it is now 4am). suddenly i was freaking out about what i might have missed or be forgetting htat i hvent taken care of yet. most of my grande The Knot list has been completed and i just have a few things left to do, but im soo worried about what might not be on the list that i forgot or am missing or wont htink of until the day of or the day after. so, i did what any irrational, OCD list making girl does – i got back up and got back online and finished a ton of the other stuff i had left on my to do list (minus the stuff that required shopping). i created lists galore to prepare me for the day of (a timeline for everyone, list of duties for everyone, my beauty routine in the morning, everything i need to take to the site, everything i plan on putting on the day of, etc). i started emailing my vendors all my last minute questions and reading articles on the knot and sampling ceremony music on itunes.

now if people would just RSVP i could finish everything else!!!


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