so i decided i was going to make myself some soup for lunch. simple enough right? first i try to open the can with the hand held can opener. now i know ive only used such a contraption a couple of times but it shouldnt be too hard. it doesnt work. i get a different one out of the drawer, perhaps the first one was broken, but still no luck. i peer thru a foggy daze at the contraption but can see nothing wrong with it. i regard the can lid to see if it has worked at all. then i noticed a tab top open. i dont even need a can opener. so i pour the glob into the pot and put it on low heat. i take abby out and get the mail. i come back in and the stuff has burned a bit on the bottoms and sides – how frustrating. also, it should be ready by now but it still looks like a thick blob and not like soup. i pick up the can again and read the label “cream of potato”. no word “soup” i read further “condensed soup”. this must be for cooking. i dump the mess in the sink and get out another pot. i yank open the cabinet and get a different can. “condensed soup”. i grab another and another, all “condensed soup”. UGH. now i have no soup.


One thought on “soup

  1. ROFLMAO. You’re supposed to add water! Hence the “condensed”. It’s still soup, you just have to add the water to make it the right consistency. That’s what directions are for. lol You crack me up.

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