hello from athens. i love athens, im also drunk off my ass. i went to downtown drinking with kent and his friends dave and crystal. i realyl really like them. they rock. i saw ben tonight too. he looked good. damn i miss london and athens where you ccan party and drink and not hafta worry bout how to get home. aby how iim having fun. ill write more next time im sober. im going to lave all the typos in thos one tho cause i wamt tp laugh at my self in the morning when im sober at how i wrote my msg when i was wasted


3 thoughts on “athens

  1. I remember this night! I had to be up at 7am……and now i remember why i decided not to go to UGA and live in a dorm. LOL, i would have been the worst roomate *ever*

  2. New Post! New Post! I get tired of reading the same thing every day (yes i still check almost every day on yours and Pauls both) Post about the irish non-minister minister or something.

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