Ahiru no Pekkle

Today steph and i went to a petstore in woodstock where i got a new african clawed frog to replace keroppi (who died a couple of months ago). i got a baby albino one, so hes a peachy pink flesh color instead of brownshgrey. I have named him Ahiru no Pekkle — Pekkle for short. So now i have Spottie Dottie and Pekkle. Pekkle is really cute…all lil and pink. he seems to be very active. Right now hes in my little 2gallon. When hes big enough, ill move him to the tank with Spottie Dottie. I also bought SD two lil tiny feeder fry to eat and shes totally a domesticated frog. she swishes her lil arms at the fish when it swims by, totally in vain, as if the fish would hold still while she ate it. the lil fish just dart away, totally unphased by their not-so-near death experience.


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