Life Update (Implying I even had one)

I’ve picked up horizons again (i think im going to drop WOW) and have been playing that nonstop in my spare time. Yesterday i had the day off so i spent the whole day catching up on my shows for the past week. Saturday night is Christmas dinner at Bill and Renes house. I havent found my christmas spirit yet this year. i think cause i havent put the tree up so i dont have pretty christmas lights to look at is a big part of it. the other part being that no one wants to exchange presents so it seems like part of thefun is gone out of it. On thurs im gonna hafta hit up the mall and buy presents for the family and i dont kknow what on earth im going to get for paul, my dad, and liz. i decided im going to get liz a present cause shes been with my dad like a year now and i actually like her. lauren and i have been planning our annual christmas party for our high school friends. im a little disppointed at the turnout cause a lot of the out-of-towners cant come and these once a year chances to see everybody are real important to me. hopefully theyll all be able to make the wedding. which reminds me, matt sandlin and jenny adams just got engaged! they went on a trip to london and he asked her then (the copy cats 😛 ). i miss london.

well thats it for now.


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