so josh came into petsmart today. its the third time ive seen him come in. the first two times he came in with gillian (his wife thats like beyond imagination controlling and literally wont let him talk to another female – zero exaggeration here) and only waved hi to me when her back was turned but other than that he didnt even acknowledge me. today since he was alone i got to talk to him, but he wasnt very talkative, which in a way is just his personality, but you would think that if you saw a old friend for the first time in three years youd act more excited to see them. instead of being all gushy about seeing me he was pretty quiet and just kinda like “hey whats up”. he acted like we were the kinda friends that you talk to in class but never see outside of school. it hurt my feelings cause i always thought of us as good friends back then, but maybe i wasnt as important/significant in his life as he was in mine.


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