Shopaholic Takes Town Center

Yesterday after work I went to the mall to the mall to buy new boots, as I had thrown my old ones out in London. I went to Nine West first, which is where I usually buy my shoes, but they had very little selection and the sales girl was gabbing so I left and went to Naturalizer. There I picked up exactly what I needed (I buy the same boots every year – black leather, side zip plain boots). well then I stopped by the shoe dept just to have a look, and found the cutest little slip on fur lined shoes! so i had to buy those too. and at the counter they were selling the softest sleep socks id ever felt so i grabbed a pair of those as well. there was a 3 for $15 deal, but i restrained myself and just got one (take that becky bloomwood!) altho now i rather wish i hadnt cause i could have given them as presents to people for christmas so i might go back. then i went to waldenbooks cause im all out of reading material. not sure what to buy, and not wanting to have to make a trip back in the near future, i bought 4 novels of various authors. when passing the salon i noticed they had my shampoo that my salon was out of stock of on my visit last week so i picked some of that up, too (altho it was $4 more than at my salon which is a ripoff but everything in the mall is more expensive). i went to victoria secret to get another bra, and i got $20 off of it by signing up for their credit card! that was exciting. lastly, as im trying to haul all my heavy-ass carrier bags across the mall, i stopped by a kiosk and got the cutest baby pink and silver cell phone cover for my new phone!! id totally been wanting one of those. now my phone looks really cute. all in all it was a great day!


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