My Boyfriend, The Hero

Today I went to change the water in my frog tank. I had put Keroppi and Spottie Dottie each into a plastic cup with lid while i cleaned the tank. Then so as not to dump the old dirty water they were in in the cups, i pour the old water out from each cup using the lid as a cover and then dump just the frog back in the tank. Well when i was doing it today, slippery Keroppi managed to slide out from under the lid with the water and plop right into the sink on top of the little flap of the garbage disposal. I knew if he fell in he was a goner. I screamed for paul to come help me. We let him sit on top of the plastic flap and hop his way up into the basin of the sink and then clapped the plastic cup over him. Then I couldnt figure out how to get him from under the cup into the tank (cause frogs hop high and fast). Luckily Keroppi didnt try much major hopping, and paul was able to lift off the cup and guide Keroppi into it and then put his hand over the top of the cup and then into the tank. So Paul saved Keroppis life today. I was soooo scared!!! Esp when he ws sitting right on the little flap to go into the garbage disposal and one wrong move would send him down the drain. Usually im so careful about covering both the drain with the stopper *and* pouring the old water first into a plastic bowl instead of directly into the sink in case of such an event, but we had *just* washed both the bowl i use and the sink out today and i didnt want to dirty them again so i skipped those steps. Murphys Law i guess.


3 thoughts on “My Boyfriend, The Hero

  1. You’re getting married in less than a year. What the hell are you doing with a boyfriend *now*?? You could at least wait til after the honeymoon. I mean, honestly!

  2. Also…the disposal wasn’t on was it? Technically couldn’t you have reached in and saved Keroppi if he went down the hatch? And if the disposal *was* in fact on….then Ally all i can say is STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN ALL TOGETHER.

    You remind me of my customer’s wife who tried to cook him a nice meal once…and quite literally burnt their house to the ground. Paul beware!! 😉

  3. You couldn’t have gotten a hold of Keroppi if he went in to the chute. I would have to try to empty the disposal from under the sink and prayed that I could have gotten the frog before it hopped away.

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