Name Game

So when i was setting up that pets page on my site, i felt bad for having had those two frogs for a year and a half now and not ever naming them, so i was hoping everyone that reads this could post a couple ideas for names. i like nifty/weird names (my last frogs were Xancian and Azarius) and matching names (ie mickey and minnie), but nothing cutesy sounding like fluffy or princess or any name that would be great on a fluffy white kitten but not a frog. frogs just arent cutesy. if youre real bored, you can name those two yellow fish i just got, but i dont really care if the fish have names or not. for some reason i consider frogs a step above fish.


4 thoughts on “Name Game

  1. kitties! they are so cute! your house really is like my house, only more kitties. my zoo—er, house has 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 birds, 1 beta, 1 snake (ew!), and a tank full of fish. it has been dubbed amy’s arch since we have boy and girl of everything. cept the snake, but that’s not hers, so doesn’t count.

    and that’s so sad about frisky! *cries* i liked frisky. first kitty ever that liked to curl up and sleep with me that didn’t send me into allergic fits.

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