< rant>


i got a letter in the mail today from that staffing place saying that at this time they “dont have a position available that is compatible with you career interest, experience, and objectives”. i really dont fucking get it. i had already interviewd with these people 3 months ago, so they already knew all about me. wendy called me up saying i had been their first choice but they had gone with someone else and so she was calling me back in again 3 months later cause they wanted me for the position
they then proceeded to send me to talk with 6 people and every one of them spoke like i was pretty much definitely getting the job like saying stuff like “what will your petsmart schedule be cause we dont want to interfere with that” and how great a fit i would be with the company etc. they already KNEW all about me from the first time i interviewed there so why call me back 3 months later if they didnt already know they wanted to hire me?

it mostly pisses me off cause of 1) they got my hopes up with the way they were talking and 2) i went on a ridiculous number of interviews with these people


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