fishie dilemma

i spent about $200 setting up a proper 10 gallon tank for my guppies. tonight it actually hit me that im going to need a second tank for my guppies so i can keep the males and females separate. i had realised id needed a second tank before (the tank is only $10) but tonight is the first time i really thought about it and how id actually need to spend more like $100 for the second little tank once you account for all the equipment needed to properly run it. it also sucks cause my long term plan is to get like a 40 gall tank. this will cost probably around $400, so i dont want to have to spend all this money on only a 10 gallon tank when it will be replaced in like 4 months.

upon further reading i have a couple of options:
– get a tank divider and turn the 10 gallon i have into 2 5 gallon tanks
– buy a cheap 5 gallon tank and just not worry about fancy filters and heaters and hope for the best


3 thoughts on “fishie dilemma

  1. I think you should just get girl guppies. Then you don’t have to worry about the horny boys since guys are so hard to deal with anyway. Just make sure you don’t get any lesbian guppies….that could cause a problem.

  2. see that wont work cause in fish, the males are the pretty ones and the females are plain. my males will be a really pretty blue when they grow up.

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