i miss english tea.

Another busy day ahead of me today. Seems like i never have a day off where i can just relax and do nothing all day anymore cause whenever i have a day off i spend it running errands. today lauren and i are going to meet a photographer at starbucks :). then i have to go to the mall and find a birthday present for my dad (he turned 57 yesterday). i got him a $20 gift certificate to iTunes so far. i thought that was pretty neat that you could do that. i also want to pick up a book on CSS cause after working with style sheets a bunch yesterday to create laurens site i got pretty into it. we were up till 330 am working on it. Then tonight im going to dinner with my dad and steph for his bday (i was working yest so we are celebrating it today instead).


5 thoughts on “i miss english tea.

  1. What’s different about English tea? It’s hot like in the chinese restaurants or something? Anyway southern sweet ice tea is the best!

  2. I’m quite bewildered how you don’t normally drink tea hot… I can’t imagine always drinking it cold; yech!

    There’s such variety too with teas… Do I understand correctly that you put normal tea into a machine, and it creates iced tea?

  3. Reece u commented while logged in under me. hehe that looks funny. i edited the poster name tho. its sorta like a coffee machine, cept u put a tea bag in instead of coffee grinds and it makes a pitcher of tea. then you add a cup of sugar and ice.

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