well katrina is pregnant again. i really think that people should be required to get a license to have kids. they do a background check for employment, adoptions, everything else, but people are completely free to bring whole other beings into the world and then destroy them. theres something really wrong with that. if they have a girl and name her alexandra i think i might have to kill them. they already stole arianna. i cant believe shes pregnant again.

last night reece and i set up a blog for lauren (pauls is still coming) on my page so now we can all interact a little more. it still needs a bit more work. hopefully by the end of the week ill have both completely done.


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  1. That is so sad!!! I looked on their site and it just made me sick! Katrina shouldn’t have been allowed to have the first one much less a second one.

    Like the new site!!! : )

  2. What is their site? Have you guys spoken to them at all in the past couple years? It’s sad that your group kinda broke up 😦 At least she isn’t having an abortion, then i might have more to say…..

    On a completely separate note…Ally what do you think of wildkittn.com for my domain name? Any other ideas?

  3. katrinas site

    do you want it wildkittn or wildkittn3? on the one hand ur email and im name are wildkittn3 so people associate that with you, on the other hand, throwing a number in there is harder to remember.

    i should never have stayed up so late last night. i feel like crap today. now that i think about it, i had this weird dream and matt haynor was one of the people in it.

  4. no nto a sex dream. i dont really remember much about it now cause i never told it to anyone and my dreams fade after a bit if i dont bother to hold on to them. the only part i remember now is that we were gonna drive somewhere to meet jana (to mcdonalds maybe?) and i said wed take my car cause mine was cooler. so we both got in and i asked him to raise the garage door so i could back out and he said “you just drive into it”. and i was like “what?!” and apparently the way the door worked was u backed ur car into it and the force from the bottom pushed it open. thats all i remember

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