new stuff

ok so heres what i worked on today:

– new site theme (thanks reece!)

– i have added a new photo gallery for my pix, separate from all the pix from london. see the “my pix” link

– reece has uploaded alllll of my pix from ireland ( i had orig uploaded like 5), so if you click on ireland there should be a bunch in there

– ive added two more pages to the site, a My Profile and a Wedding page

– ill be over time adding pix for italy, holland, and belgium


One thought on “new stuff

  1. Hi šŸ™‚

    Just noticed Paul set up his own blog page. If he wants his own blog in his own webspace, he’s more than welcome to take advantage of the Net Logistics Blip! thing I mentioned to you earlier today. Same goes for anyone else reading this, for that matter. *HINT HINT LAUREN HINT HINT*

    Also, if Paul’s looking for a geeky-ish hangout on the web, he’s more than welcome in the (still beta atm) NL Forums.


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