"I told you so"

So there’s something that i’ve been wondering ever since the London bombings. While Ally and Kristie were in London i asked them what Londoners said about Americans. The general concensus was “Americans are stupid and Bush sucks” basically because of the war on terrorism and/or our presence in Iraq. Now that London has experienced the same type of horror we did……what are they saying? Have any of the responses changed? I was just curious since I have never ever been a fan of war, but after 9/11 i was really hoping we’d kick someone’s ass.

We had a soldier come in to the pharmacy today. He was on his way to set up a party for a squadron (?) of soldiers that are returning from Iraq tonight ^_^ We didn’t talk long but he had some very interesting views on the occupancy of Iraq. It just made me realize that while we’re here wondering “Why the hell are there still troops over there? Bring them home!” , they have to worry about the iraqi people. They need to make sure the government is secure and that the people are safe. What would happen if a civil war broke out? Or if the insurgents gained control? We’re not trying to control Iraq, we’re just trying to give them a little direction. Kinda like a parent to a kid. We’re older and have had more experience, and we’re just trying to pass it on.


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  1. Too tired to comment more…

    But I note that we used to have some good chats about this in Ally’s discussion board. Is Ally still interested in having me set up a copy of Vanilla? (www.getvanilla.com?)

  2. i dunno, i dont really see why vanilla is better than the one i have now, but it doesnt really matter much to me

  3. this is what Craig had to say about it :

    If i had a gun, i would kill every single one of them pricks

    england was 50/50 on war
    ther are too many DO GOODERS
    if some1 does sumfing wrong
    they deserve to b attacked
    every1 wil look at asians* in a different way now

    (* europeans refer to people from the middle east as asians)

  4. I’ve recently been very negative with my views on the war. My greatest fear is Bin Laden deploying multiple nuclear warheads in the US.

    It has been reported that Bin Laden has nuclear weapons and also knows how to maintain and detonate them. (Without proper maintenance a nuclear warhead can “go bad” quickly).

    He has almost unlimited funds, unlimited soldiers, and is revered as a holy Muslim figure. In fact Pakastani soldier’s won’t try to kill him because they don’t want to go to hell.

    I just need to remain ignorant of these things. I’d feel much better.

    So while the war in Iraq maybe beneficial in hindsight I’m beginning to wonder if we didn’t misdirect our resources. Did deposing Saddam give us the most bang for the buck?

  5. I highly, highly doubt Bin Laden is a nuclear threat, for a number of reasons…

    1.) If you’re talking about conventional nuclear weapons, you’re speaking of technology that, despite existing since the 1940s, is hard to replicate without expert-level knowledge. We’re not talking about making conventional explosives, or even building a cruise missile. It’s not something you can get plans for off the web, and the materials aren’t as easy to come by as most people may think. Although there’s a lot of talk about these so-called “suitcase nukes” that some claim have gone missing from time to time in Russia, I don’t think those are much of a risk if any are in fact missing.

    2.) Where has he obtained these nuclear weapons from? Maybe Pakistan, but I somehow doubt they’re too liberal in just handing out the (probably quite crude) 20 or so they may have. Then you have to ask the next obvious question: what kind of inter-continental launch capacity has he got? How does he move these warheads, unnoticed, within ‘striking range?’

    3.) I’m kind of wondering where you get this ‘unlimited funds’ and ‘unlimited soldiers’ idea from? Afghanistan is a pretty poor place, and even if Bin Laden’s assets aren’t all seized, I doubt there’s much way of him accessing a whole lot of money. As for corrupt nations, well, they’re probably far more interested in the slightly more legal but still illegal trade with other corrupt nations, than to bother equipping Bin Laden and company.

    4.) Never heard this about the Pakistani soldiers… Do you have an article on this somewhere, it sounds interesting.

    5.) Iraq had far more freedom, resources, money and time than Bin Laden could ever hope to have. How many nukes did the USA find there?

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