new post for lauren

soo sorry that my life isnt interesting enuf to be post worthy every day 😛 i had an annoying day today. i spent a bunch of money on a carwash and then it rained on my car. luckily since id had it waxed, it didnt really mess it up so it still looks good. then i stood in line for 35 mins at the tag office and they told me i was in the wrong county! so now i hafta go to the tag office in dallas and get it done there instead. i went by petsmart to get my paycheck and by chance discovered they had changed the schedule midweek and added me for a saturday shift. if i hadnt gone in for my paycheck i would have never known that they added the saturday shift and not shown up for work. it kinda annoys me that they changed the schedule w/o telling me. i was so busy running errands all day that i didnt have time to eat, so by 3pm i was grumpy. so i stopped by my moms school to see her and talked her into going to see The Island with me. id already seen it but wanted to go again. after the movie i met paul, rene, and bill at Frankies for dinner.

ohh i forgot to mention. this morning i woke up and my engagement ring was gone from my hand. i was sooo confused cause i had no memory of taking it off and i couldnt for the life of me figure out why it wasnt on my hand. i finally found it on the floor btwn the bed headboard and the wall. my guess is that while i was asleep my fingers swelled and it was bothering me so i pulled it off in my sleep without realising it.

last night i went to sals to help him move (again) out of his house. we were both kinda tired (we didnt get started until 8pm) and didnt feel like doing it. i kept sitting down on the chair and watching tv. i think i was kinda a pain about the whole thing, but we eventually made a dent in the task. hes having a hard time lately, and now hes homeless for a week until he gets a new place.


3 thoughts on “new post for lauren

  1. Wait i’m confused. Why is Sal moving out of the house he just moved into? Does that mean the cat won? Go Kitty!

  2. no, he is moving into the same house i was telling you about with his brother which is why they would have to get rid of the kitty (whichm they wont be doing luckily)

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