The Turtle Rescue Story

My mom, sister, and I had just gotten on the road to head to Tennessee. We were on Busbee parkway (not the busys half, but the half connecting Shiloh to Wade Green) which is a 4 lane divided road thru an area of apts/ retirement communities. We were driving in the left lane and I saw up ahead a large tortoise meandering across the road. He was in the right lane and obviously taking his prescious time in crossing the road. Me being me, I freaked out and was like “mom someone is going to hit it!!!”, and mom being the wonderful mom that she is, did a U-turn, and stopped in a left turn lane, allowing Steph and me to get out. I jumped out of the car and darted into the street. The tortoise was pretty big, it was the size of a large dinner plate. I picked it up and carried it delicately to the side of the road, placing it on the other side of the guard rail where it could do its meandering back into the woods.


4 thoughts on “The Turtle Rescue Story

  1. Why would a Godzilla turtle need to be saved from traffic? It could just eat the cars and poop ’em out.

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