Gabriel’s bakery made me so mad today! This week is my fiance’s b-day so I ordered a cake from them, partly for him and partly to try out their cake since I was considering using them for my wedding cake. I ordered a yellow cake with a raspberry filling to see if thats what I wanted. I came in today to pick up my cake and the girl that worked there couldnt find any record of my order! They lost my order or something and never made my cake. Then she blows it off by saying how busy they were today because of graduation, and how they had some extra plain cakes in the back that shed ice one for me real quick. No manager ever came out to apologize for not having my cake or give any kind of discount/make amends.

On top of that, I had been looking forward all week to having one of their deliscious chicken salad sandwiches for lunch when I picked up my cake, and they were all out when I got there so I couldn’t get one. My fiance ordered a soup and sandwich and they forgot to ever bring him out his soup.

We had the cake tonight and it tasted kinda dry like it wasn’t freshly baked today (I guess their spares aren’t made each day?) and the icing job was obviously rushed. I was so disappointed in the whole experience, and I definitely won’t be using them to make my wedding cakes – what if it had been my *wedding* cake order they had just “lost”!?


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