hey everybodies, im writing from amsterdam. we left at 7am fri morning on the bus. first we stopped in the city of canterbury for a couple hours and we went thru the canterbury cathedral that all the peeps used to flock to (as in canterbury tales). when we went in, there was a sign that had the rules posted via pictures (ie, a camera with a red slash thru it to say dont take pictures). one was a pic of an ice cream cone and a drink can to mean no eating in the church. kristie was standing kinda far away and w/o her glasses and she goes “no painting?” and i was like “what?” and she points to the sign. she thought it was a paint can and the ice cream was a paint brush! then on the way back to the bus we stopped by the toilets and there was a rat in the bathroom! some people that worked there were trying to catch it and it kept running thru the diff stalls. kristie and this other girl went in the mens bathroom instead cause they were scared of it 😛

we were orig sposed to take a ferry over to france, but instead we ended up going via the channel tunnel. the bus drives into this container car on a train and then rides on the train thru the chunnel, arriving in france. we arrived last night and checked into the hostel. then the tour guide (its a bunac trip) lead us all thru the red light district to see the hookers in the windows. afterwards we all split off to do our own thing. kristie and i went and had pizza at a little cafe with these 6 other girls and then just headed back to the hostel to go to bed (it was past midnight by then).

then this morning we got up for bfast and the group did a bus tour of the city before going on to a small fisherman village about 20 mins away. there we bought touristy stuff, had lunch, and went to a cheese factory to see how cheese was made. after we got back into amsterdam we were let loose to do whatever. kristie and i went with those girls again to the house (it was a warehouse/store actually) where anne frank and family lived for the two years that they were in hiding. afterwards kristie and i walked around a small bit, but its really cold and iwndy and drizzly outside so we decided to come here for an hour before going to the movie theatre. after the movie well prob get dinner and then go hang out in a coffee shop before bed. in the morning the group is leaving to head back to england, but on the way we are stopping in a belgian chocolate shop and a french hypermarket.