bonjourno from florence!!

bonjourno from florence!! its only day 3 and i have so much to write about, but all that will hafta wait till im back in the US and have the time to type it all. we’re doing and seeing so much! exhausting but great. rome was beautiful – great architecture, blue skies…when we woke up in florence it was pouring (word?) snow and even sticking to the ground a lil…we walked to the bus thru the woods in the snow…lovely. it stopped snowing by the time we were in town, just leaving everything cold and gray. but the buildings in florence are too pretty to notice. the streets of florence are what i think of when i picture the tiny italy alleyways and stone streets. the hostels (esp the one in rome) SUCK BIG TIME, but oh well, i can tough it out. i bought a GUCCI (prob fake) purse from a street vendor for only 7 euros after talking the guy down from 40. i have no interest in it being designer or not but its pink with a buckle and very cute. the haggling was the best part cause it was fun! tomorrow morning we are going to a museum and then catching the train to milan where all the designer stores are (kristies paradise). then sunday we leave for venice for 2 days then returning to rome to fly home to london. very busy week. the worst part about it is that every other day we enter a new city and hafta figure out the transportation system all over again which is very frustrating. love and miss everybody! ciao!


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  1. Hehe, everyone I know is in Europe these days it seems 😛

    Good to hear you’re having fun there 🙂

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