"What do you mean you don't eat no meat!?" — My Big Fat Greek Wedding

monday night was Vday and Kristies Bday. Kristie and Canadian Laura went to Bennihannas (sp?) for dinner. They got a several course meal since the restaurant had a valentines special menu for that night. i spent the night at home watching videos 😛

we’re both kinda glad its our last week of work, its starting to suck for both of us. at Digress (the club kristie works at), all the old employees that shes friends with have left, and they have a psycho witch new manager. at goodmusic, ed (the big boss) seems to be on some kinda warpath. he moved everyone around in the office again, altho this time it was to my benefit cause now inge and i sit in the same room together and thats a blast. john ended up with no desk at all (he already didnt have a computer), so we built him a desk out of cardboard boxes (see pix in misc section). the worst bit has been with the phones. for one day ed had all the customer calls redirected to my desk only, and all other calls redirected to johns desk only. which means someone has to sit at these two desks at *all* times. for me thats not so hard since inge and i sit together, but for john it means when he wants a break, either james or i hafta go sit in there. but since he has no computer, we literally have nothing to do but sit there. so while john was at lunch the company was paying james to sit there and read the paper. later when he went to the store, i had to go sit in there and had nothing to do but cut out paper hearts and decorate them with markers. ed got really mad that john left this second time, and when john came back in, he *screamed* at him. i mean he actually yelled so loud just out in the hallway when john first walked in that everyone in the company could hear him. sooooo not appropriate. since then weve heard that this is johns last week. there was actually a ton more comany gossip flying on friday, but im not gonna get into it all here since most of you dont know the people im talking about anyhow.

saturday kristie and i ran a couple errands and then went to dinner with emily, laura, laura, rod, and a few other people for american lauras birthday. we went to this vegetarian restaurant in Soho. to get there from piccadilly, you walk down this street that has all these strip clubs with girls (and guys that look like girls ;p ) standing in the door beckoning people in. when we were leaving there was a guy standing behind something on the sidewalk peeing. it was a fairly busy street with people walking u and down the sidewalks and cars occasionally, and there he is just standing there taking a piss. as we got closer we discovered that the thing he was peeing was in fact a urinal! there was a large, plastic multi-sided urinal in the middle of the sidewalk to pee on in front of the world! (pix in the misc section). anyhow, we were all really worried about going to this vegetarian place for dinner, esp me cause im such a picky eater. it turned out pretty good, tho. i had a veggie burger (supposedly made of chickpeas and red peppers, but it wasnt at all spicy) fries, french bread, and a smoothie. the burger was pretty good cause it was soft similar to a medium cooked hamburger. in england you cant order a hamburger cooked less than medium well cause its against health regulations. kristie got an asian stir fry. we both liked our food, but its not really a place wed go back to.