anything that sparkles and shines

pretty tame weekend. we were sposed to go to scotland, but i didnt really feel up to it. instead on saturday K and I got our hair done. then i went by oxford circus and picked up 3 new eye shadows. i love the ones they have at Top Shop cause they shimmer, and you know how i am about anything that sparkles and shines 😛 then sat night K and i went out to loughton (bout 20 mins further east of us in zone 6) to this bar where craig had set up a DJ to play. it was fun for a nice low-key weekend. today we went to bfast at Micks and then rented some girly movies. in one part of raising helen, the guy brings helen some ice cream and kristie and i were both “ohhhh”. so we ran (literally) to the store to go buy some ben and jerrys.



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