Just got back in from ireland and im *knackered*! itll prob take forever to get the whole story of the trip posted (seeing as i still havent written about the week of new years even – the more i have to say, the longer it takes me to get around tp typing it all). anyhow, for now ill paste what i told lauren in an IM as to why i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE ireland. (the following list is not in any certain order and it is by no means comprehensive).

1. ireland is known for celtic stuff, and i love celtic stuff
2. irish folklore believe in fairies – i collect fairies
3. everything in ireland is green – i love green
4. their traditional music includes pipes and flutes….very pretty
5. the people are unbelievably nice and friendly – theyre soo adorable i totally love them
6. celtic stuff is often similar to medieval fantasy type stufff – like elves and fairies so it all has a fantasy type atmosphere
7. the country side is breathtakingly beautiful
8. i had soooo much fun on the trip


2 thoughts on “Ireland

  1. So what do you think of living in a country vs. just visiting and enjoying? As you know I would much rather visit a place on vacation rather than live there. Other than you guys going out to bars and stuff, England seems a lot like living here—you just work all week. Whereas in Ireland you’re doing/exploring ALL the time because you’re just visiting. So if I could only make one trip (or my first trip) would you recommend I go to England or Ireland first? I was thinking Ireland…..

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