"To gaze is to think."

Today Emily and i went and did touristy stuffs. we went to Dali Universe, a small museum of the works of Salvador Dali. It was pretty neat, cept it didnt have any of the paintings hes really known for. there were some great water colors depicting romeo and juliet – lots of reds and blues. i wish they had those available in prints. there was also a small picasso display, but im not really into picasso and it wasnt even his best stuff (a lot of black and white ink pieces depicting a bull fight). then we went to the london aquarium. im quite spoiled by the tennessee aquarium, compared to that, this one was small and unimpressive. i definitely liked the shark tank, tho.

the museum and aquarium are located right by big ben, so afterwards emily and i walked around big ben and westminster taking about 80 pix a piece. then we headed over to tower bridge (which i hadnt even seen yet) and took some pix of that. it was really fun just walking around london and sight seeing. we got some fab photos 😀

when we got back home, kristie and laura met us at emilys house to watch robin hood (kevin costner version). they made fun of it the whole way thru saying it was cheesy and bad acting. *sigh*

tomorrow kristies best friend laura arrives. im gonna go pick her up from victoria and then well go meet kristie at her work. kristie spent the whole day today cleaning the house from top to bottom. she did an even better job than the cleaning lady. maybe we should just start paying kristie to clean instead. 😉