Strawberry Moon

Yesterday emily and i went to the museum of natural history. it was a really neat museum, more like a science museum than an art museum (the national gallery ) or artifact museum (the british museum). we saw both casts and actual skeletons of dinosaurs. then theres a mammal section thats got all these stuffed (as in taxidermy not plush) animals of all different kinds. it was really neat – we had a grat time. ill put some pix up later on. then we both went home to get ready to go out. emily and laura (american laura, not the canadian laura we usually hang out with) came over and made pizza. once wed eaten and gotten ready the four of us then met with canadian laura and we went to a club called Strawberry Moons which is also owned by the same people as Digress City where Kristie works. one of the guys that kristie works with at digress also bartends at Strawberry Moons so we got all our drinks from him. quote from kristie “he’s the most beautiful man ive ever met in my entire life.” hes in some of the pix from the club, but they “dont do him justice” cause hes pretty hot. the club was sooo much fun cause instead of playing hip hop music like most the clubs, it was playing stuff like bon jovi and nickelback. plus its always fun when a bunch of us girls go out. lots of pictures from that night to come as well. when we went to leave the club it was rainy and cold (plus we were all wearing tank tops!) and kristies feet her, so rather than walk to trafalgar square and waiting twenty mins in the rain for the bus to come, the three of us leyton girls (we said bye to the lauras) got a cab all the way from piccadilly circus (where the club was) back to leyton. cost us L10 each but it was well worth it. emily spent the night with us so today when we got up, the 3 of us went and got breakfast together and then went to stratford mall to go shopping. kristie and i got our ears pierced 🙂 wed both been wanting to get it done for awhile now but hadnt had the time. i think it was cheaper than the claires back home, too. all three of us bought new earrings. we went to some other clothing stores and i bought a belt and a necklace and they each bought a club shirt. after a quick dinner at mcdonalds we then all went to ASDA to do our grocery shopping (K and I hadnt been in weeks). it was fun having emily around all weekend and we got to do a lot of stuff.

PS – Ive added the pix from last weekend in paris and from around london when paul was here. i get my engagement pix back tomorrow so monday night those and the ones from this weekend will be put up as well.


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