The End of the World

the laptop is DEAD!! i can currently only access the internet when im at work. the world is coming to an end!!!

On sunday night Kristie and I had thanksgiving dinner at the carvery. like id mentioned in a previous post, the carvery serves a traditional thanksgiving meal on sundays for only £8 (since im at work i actually have a £ on my keyboard instead of using my ghetto L). we were joined by emily, james, darren, martin, and nigel for our feast. we had a really great time 🙂

monday after work kristie and i met up at ASDA to do our grocery shopping, and we bought a christmas tree!! emily came over for a taco dinner and then we put on christmas music (kristie said it was “very ally christmas music” cause all the songs are done by rock bands. theres a very pretty techno version of oh holy night) and put up the tree. the tree came with white lights and gold decorations. by the time it was up it looked really pretty (pix to come).

today is tuesday (“groovy tuesdays” to quote martin) so well be going over to the guys’ house for dinner tonight and a movie.

all for now…love and miss everyone!!


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