Thursday night we had tickets for the musical production of Chicago on The Strand (where all the theatres are). It starred Jennifer Ellison whos a huge soap star here in England. We went with Emily and Emily. The theatre was kinda small and the seats werent bad at all (cost L25) cept that there was a couple two rows in front of us with big heads that we had issues trying to see around. it was really fun to have a ritzy night out with the girls.

afterwards we went to mcdonalds to get milkshakes. we were standing in line and in the line next to us was this guy that looked like he might have been homeless and he was trying to pull a 10 pence coin (a dime) towards him with an umbrella, but he stopped when he realized everyone was looking at him. then a guy ahead of us in the line saw it, picked it up off the floor, and dropped it into the mcdonalds charity coin box!! we all started cracking up laughing.