Mayoor's Birthday

last night was mayoors birthday, so kristie and i went out with him and a bunch of other people. kristie met this girl emily when she went on the job interview, emily and her friend laura came out with us, too. theyre both here from canada. emily actually lives about a 5 min walk from us. we met up with some of mayoor’s friends: paddy, fran, and nigel. we started out at a pub which is like baileys, but theres no music. then we went across the street to a bar, then later on we went to a club. we all had sooooo much fun! it was K and I’s first night going out in london (weve been avoiding it cause we didnt wanna spend the money) but it was actually pretty cheap.

today kristie made french toast for us and mayoor. he put ketchup and mayo on the toast!! not together, like one slice had ketchup and one slice has mayo. bloody disgusting! he tried our way of putting syrup on it and he liked it 😀