Our House, In the Middle of the Street

sooo much to say I don’t even know where to begin!
yesterday (Monday) we went to go look at apts. People in London don’t really live in apartments like the ones in America. It seems mostly here you rent a room in a house type situation. There are singles (bedroom with one bed) or doubles (bedroom with two beds). You rent just that room as yours and then the whole house (other renters in other bedrooms) all share a kitchen living room etc. Pretty much we live in a townhouse with several other people.

the first place we went to look at was in central London so it wasn’t too far away. This one was only 42.50/week (per person). So it was **incredibly** cheap as far as rent goes (most places are like 85-110/week). A little old English lady owns it and she took us up two flights of narrow stairs to a small attic room. The room was charming with two little beds, a tiny couch, and a small kitchenette. Noticing a small theme? Plus all the appliances, stove, etc, were all at least 30 years old. It was small and old, but this is London and I figured everything is going to be small and old. We weren’t thrilled but we figured we could make it do for 6 months cause it was so cheap. That’s when we found out theres no private phone line or internet access. Just a pay phone down in the living room. Wed end up spending so much money at the internet café it wouldn’t be worth the cheap rent, and honestly I don’t think I could be happy for 6 months completely cut off from everybody like that by not having phone/internet.

so we went to this little bfast café (where we had some very interesting food but there I go again about the English food) to discuss it. We had an apt to see another place at 3pm so we figured wed go ahead and look at that one although that one didn’t seem as promising since it was a lot further away and little bit more expensive (although still very cheap cause its only 60 pounds/person/week so that’s only like 15 more than the first place. The owner of the place came and picked us up from the tube station in his Mercedes and drive us to the house even tho its only like a block from the tube station. He took us to the room (on the first floor right by the door). It was so great. It was large, with new looking carpet and furniture. The house is a lot more modern looking (more like the 90s stead of the 70s). the kitchen is kinda small but still new and its not like K or I cook anyhow. Then there was a living room with tv and stuff that looked out on the backyard garden. And the best part of it all, we can probably get our own phone line and internet!! We were soooooo excited about it! The house is in a nice residential area, but only right down the street from a walmart, burger king, KFC, and TJMaxx( called TK Maxx here).

more later, i didnt have time to finish it all